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Family Dentistry in Stow You Can Rely on

african american family outdoorsAt Ross Commons Dental Arts, we provide the skilled and comprehensive dentistry your family needs to enjoy healthy and beautiful smiles for life. Our modern dental practice is home to our general family dentist, Dr. Alyssa Rassi, who uses her passion and skill to deliver trusted dental care to children, teens, adults, and seniors alike. Our team enjoys meeting new patients and welcoming back those returning.

We find it rewarding to help your loved ones achieve good oral health that promotes overall well-being and happiness. Our family dentistry combines advanced technology and treatment techniques backed by years of experience. Whether we are performing regular prevention, restoring dental health, or establishing relationships built on trust, we have what it takes to be your home for long-lasting dental care.

Dr. Alyssa Rassi and her team proudly serve families and individuals across Stow. We also offer emergency dental appointments when you need prompt care! Contact Ross Commons Dental Arts at to be seen as soon as possible!


Family-Focused Dental Solutions from Dr. Alyssa Rassi

We believe in providing dental care that focuses on protecting the smiles of every member of your family. Our comprehensive range of family-focused dentistry services helps detect, diagnose, and treat various oral health issues that can affect you at every stage of life.

Our available solutions can be easily tailored to meet your family’s unique needs. Dr. Rassi and our team enjoy serving individuals starting at the age of four. We work closely with children, adults, and seniors to create effective treatment plans, maximize comfort, and promote a positive environment where they feel safe.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

While our Stow dental team does all they can to treat your needs, we also understand that this can require specialized care at times. Dr. Rassi works with trusted local specialists for these circumstances. When your child needs expert dental care, we can refer you to the right pediatric dentist. Our family dentist can refer or collaborate with various experts to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Cleanings & Prevention for Protecting Family Smiles

woman getting a dental checkupRegardless of age, dental prevention is essential. At Ross Commons Dental Arts, we’ve taken the time to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of our family dental services, equipping our office with state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies. Each of our operatories has computer monitors that display crisp, clear pictures of your smile when using intraoral cameras during oral health exams.

Digital x-rays give us precise images of teeth, gums, jaws, and other dental structures. These powerful tools help our team grasp the overall health of your smile. Innovative dental technologies are incredibly useful for helping us discover underlying issues and designing treatment to address problems before they can jeopardize your dental and overall health.

We use exams to educate your family. Our team takes the time to teach your loved ones about the influences dental health and hygiene have on overall health. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar, reaching the spaces in your smile that regular brushing and flossing can miss.

Dental Care for Children & Teens

group of children smilingWe treat children’s smiles with gentle care and compassion. We use easy-to-understand language when educating them about the correct ways to brush and floss. While our team does all we can to help kids feel comfortable and safe, we understand that a new environment can take some getting used to. When your child needs a little help, we can use nitrous oxide sedation to maximize comfort.

Dr. Rassi works with teens to support them as their oral health needs change. We provide education relevant to their unique needs and dental health concerns. We also offer various treatments to help improve self-confidence while protecting their smile.

Dentistry for Adult & Senior Smiles

At Ross Commons Dental Arts, we’re committed to helping you keep your natural smiles for as long as possible. By providing skilled prevention, routine exams, cleanings, and exceptional restorative services, we can preserve and protect your smile for many years.

We offer comprehensive dental treatments personalized to the needs of adults and seniors. Care can often include:

  • Protecting gum health with gum disease treatment, including tooth scaling, root planing, and routinely scheduled cleanings.
  • Saving natural teeth from decay & infection with root canal therapy.
  • Replacing missing teeth with dental implants.
  • Keeping smiles looking great with restorations like porcelain crowns, bridges, and dentures.
  • Maximizing comfort during care with nitrous oxide & oral conscious sedation.

Emergency Dental Appointments & Treatment

Our dentist has the experience, technology, and availability to treat numerous dental emergencies at our office. We deliver prompt care when you need it most. Our use of precise diagnostic technology provides effective treatment and promotes lasting healing results.

With our services, we can address the following seven common dental emergencies:

  1. Toothaches
  2. Knocked out or avulsed teeth
  3. Severely cracked or broken teeth
  4. Loose, broken, or lost dental restorations
  5. Jaw pain
  6. Abscess or severe infections
  7. Injuries to the tongue, lip, or other soft tissue of the mouth

Root Canal Therapy & Extractions

illustration of healthy tooth bisectionWhen a tooth becomes infected it can lead to eventual tooth loss and spread to other areas of the body if left to progress.

Dr. Rassi performs root canal therapy to help save natural teeth whenever possible. Treatment involves our dentist removing diseased tissues and nerves, also known as the pulp, from inside the tooth. RCT is designed to eliminate bacteria, disease, and pain while preserving your tooth’s natural structure.

A tooth that is too damaged or infected to be saved by RCT may require extraction. Removing the tooth to prevent further bacteria from spreading is often the best course of action for protecting overall dental health. For impacted wisdom tooth removal, we can refer you to a trusted specialist.

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Choosing Ross Commons Dental Arts for your family's dental needs means your loved ones will receive the care and attention they need to achieve healthy smiles. Our entire team is equipped to serve all ages, and we’re always looking for the best ways to protect smiles for life. Contact Dr. Alyssa Rassi and her team to schedule your next visit today!


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